Tuesday, August 11, 2009

counting the days left.

I've got less than 6 weeks here before i leave for Hertfordshire.
Counting the days left with mixed feelings.
Of course I feel excited- finally. it's like my big break.
No longer hanging, sitting and waiting for time to pass.
At the same time, i kinda dread leaving.

I suddenly realised there's so much left to achieve. so many things to do yet so little time.
I've only completed half of my To-Do-List.
I managed Penang with Jee. it was good.
I am not sure if I still can make it for Singapore but i really would love to visit granduncle and Becky.
I have NOT yet learn how to make pongteh or any solid dishes. =(

I really wanna stay with Grandaunty Nelly for awhile to learn as many Nyonya dishes.
will continue later. gtg now.